Dohm – Nelauk (EP)

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Dohm – Nelauk (EP)
Year: 2014
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Memory Crumbs €1.39
Aspire €1.39
Nelauk €1.39
Digital Nature €1.39

Dohm - Nelauk EP cover


Dohm presents Downtempo (dohmtempo) EP called “Nelauk” (in Lithuanian it means “Don’t wait”) – a mix of ambient, dub, and psy-chill orchestrated to express the different states of being. From deep, dark to bright and uplifting, Dohm’s electro and organic sounds hopes to help you tune-in to Mother Nature in a journey to your own self-discovery.


  1. Dohm – Memory Crumbs
  2. Dohm – Aspire
  3. Dohm – Nelauk
  4. Dohm – Digital Nature

*All tracks are in WAV format!