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Dohm presents his Debut Album from the Dark Poetry – a special collection of deep, mystic, forest dark psytrance. From the enchanted forests of Lithuania, these powerful dance floor melodies orchestrates digital nature to take you on a spiritual flight through the jungle of your own soul.

1. Space For Empty Minds (150BPM)
2. Mind Control Operators (150BPM)
3. Help Me Out (152BPM)
4. Who Gives You Nightmares (150BPM)
5. Take It Away (150BPM)
6. Satisfakcija (152BPM)
7. Influence Of Mincia (148BPM)
8. 5HTP (160BPM)
9. Dark Poeta (155/170BPM)

Tracks previews

Artist: Dohm
Name: From the dark poetry
Released: Dec. 2014
Catalogue no: FF001
Label: Forest Freaks / Banyan records 
Copyright: Forest Freaks
Country: Lithuania
Style: Psychedelic Trance
Format: CD (digipack)
Artwork: Pathological Pernicious Sparkles
Mastered by: Dohm (Domas Gudelis)

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